Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Book!!!

I only had my crappy little digi to take these but now you can see the real thing in all its glory! I just took images of parts of the book that couldn't be shown from the earlier finished spread designs!

Skipping Ropes

Down by the river down by the sea
Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me
I told ma Johnny got a spanking so hahaha
How many spankings did Johnny get

Skipping Ropes

Stitching the ropes together! I used a silk thread for the handles of the ropes as it was shiny and replicated polished wood nicely and a cream, pale pink and blue cotton thread for the ropes.

Digital Embroidery

For one of the spreads in my book i decided to Illustrate skipping and found an old skipping rhyme to use. Using the image of the skipping rope i drew out the words and then using some insane embroidery program, trace over my scanned images with stitching before sending them to the machine to be stitched. It was very time consuming, and had to be done in sections because my images were too big. Typical! I stitched them onto dissolvable fabric so that once dissolved they were actual solid ropes. I remembered to take a photo of them while they were dissolving in the bath!


Unfortunately i was so wrapped up in creating the work and making my book that i didn't take many images to show the process. However, i did put my iPhone to good use here (before i broke it) with two images from my session playing around with the letterpress. This little episode is where the titles for my duck duck goose imagery came to being!