Friday, 18 February 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011

duck duck goose.

I have started looking at 'cotton wool' kids and old playground games- which a surprising amount of are now banned in schools! so stupid. Anyway I might make them into a book, a type of manual or something with rules, as many children in school now don't know these games. They are drawn from the perspective of the imagination of the children as if they were playing them using my trusty fine liners and then cut up with found imagery. I have screen printed them using a colour for the title that co-ordinates with the same colour in a part of the image but they won't be up till I scan them!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Youth who wanted to learn to shiver

I illustrated the Brothers Grimm tale: 'The Youth who wanted to learn to shiver'. These are some quick scanned examples of the ink dawings from my sketch book. I also projected them in my room to look like dreams with my trusty flat mate Nella in bed and shot them on medium format. As the Brothers Grimm tales are traditionally childrens stories I also decided to print them onto fabric and make them into a duvet cover. I shot it in front of the window for good light but I think it looks quite nice as a curtain!


I looked at people with obsessive behaviour, this is work on a stalker and a hoarder.

eaves dropping

A hand drawn book I made and bound on a day nosing around Bristol.

serial killers

One of my first uni projects i did on serial killers. Pretty gory subject matter and weirdly I found it really interesting! This is a selection of the work including a monoprint, some sketch book work and a fineliner drawing of Albert Fish (who used to eat children!)