Thursday, 16 June 2011

spreads from my book

My current project has moved from the school playground to the general topic of 'school' and these are some of the finished spreads for the book. The book will be landscape and measure 40x30 cm. The fourth spread is a milk carton that is perforated so it can be popped out and made, as are the sacks on the sixth spread so they can be stood up on the page to create your own potato sack race. The eighth spread has a pocket where a set of notecards with original pencil drawings of the rules of conkers are held, and finally the snakes and ladders spread will have the writing etched onto the page to form a 'crack' and the board will be varnished. I have ordered paper to print the book from a company called 'John Purcell Paper' in an off white, which will look much better than the stark white background the images are on now!!

cheltenham illustration awards

Created from work for my latest project for the competition brief, 'tree time tales'- looking at the relationship between humans and trees.